Let’s get started 1, 2, 360!

I am starting with a cliche but still it worth. 360 restaurant located top of the Mısır Apartmanı which is middle of Istiklal Street in Taksim with a beautiful terrace and ambiance. It is always about the food, but in 360 it comes with a great ambiance, music and the food.

If you are going for the weekend, you better get a reservation because this place is going full. When the night comes, it is time to dance. They have a great house musics and the DJ. Some special events time to time.

They have a extensive menu which includes meat to fish and the Turkish tastes. My choice was the steak with a chocolate sauce and with the Sauvignon Blanc. Steak presented with mashed potatoes. And the chocolate sauce creates a new taste of sweet meat.

Have fun there!