The Woman That Made Me Insane

On that Tuesday evening in a bar, it was one of my friend’s birthday where we drank bottles of beer until the alcohol hit us. It was getting late already I think that it was 12 AM already that some of us decided to go to some nearby girly bars. It is already 1:30 AM, we did not last long in those girly bars, we just had a couple of beers until we came back to the bar where we were drinking originally to get my motorcycle and go home.

One of my friends Fred was talking to this one beautiful foreigner which I really didn't mind because I was already kind of drunk that time. After a few minutes my other friend named Augustus was already talking to her and suddenly called my attention. Augustus told me that the foreign woman was crying hard and he does not know how to talk to her because she was Russian and having a hard time to communicate due to language barrier.

I tried my best to talk to her named Janna and she is only 19 and I was scared for her because I know that there are a lot of crazy men outside that bar.

Janna started talking to me and she told me that she was crying over her local boyfriend because she wants to see him, which he is in the neighbouring city. I really feel that she was telling a lie because if her boyfriend wants to see her as well, he would volunteer to go to her or maybe they were fighting, well I did not really care.

I played along with her I told her that I can bring her in that city which she has no freaking idea on what exact place we were going, she just know he is in the city but not the exact location.

The moment we reached the other city, we tried to go to the local bars and clubs but it was all closed already. She is already fighting with me because she wants me to make a miracle that her boyfriend appears in front of her.

I got really pissed at her attitude that time until she made the face of a little girl where Daddy is angry. The moment she made that face I got “Love at First Sight” feeling and slowly pulled her head towards me and started to kiss her. My heart was pounding really hard it was like I am back in my in my middle school years again seeing my crush.

She definitely kissed me back and then we went back to the bar where I met her because she wants to have some Whisky. I know that Janna is still frustrated about her missing boyfriend. It was already 5:30 AM, Sun is about to shine and I am really tired so I decided for her to stay at my place for the mean time. She rode at the back of my motorcycle until we reached my place.

We had sex that same morning and it felt really good. As an Asian I never thought to myself that I will will be having sex with a white woman ever.

After we had sex, she asked me to drive her back because she was staying in a hotel but I can’t anymore because I was so sleepy and tired already. I told her that I can book her a cab which she agreed. Sadly, I couldn't book a cab that time because its rush hour already; I just drove her back and asked for her number and asked her if there’s a chance to see her again she replied yes.

Two days passed by and I messaged her

“How are you?”

“Great, you?” She replied

“I want to meet you, are you free on Sunday?” I said.

“No, maybe today”

“Ok, do I just go to your hotel?”

30 minutes has passed and no reply yet

Eventually, she replied

“You know this is not worth it, why do you want to fuck me?”

Yes I was really thinking of going to her hotel room but I was so desperate that time to see her so I need a very good reply, I need to dodge that bullet.

“That’s not what I meant, I was asking if I will pick you up at your hotel”

She never replied that time but I still continued to go to the first bar where I met her. It is 5:30 PM already so the moment I arrived in the bar I immediately called her, gladly, she picked it up and ask me to wait for 10 minutes.

I was already waiting for an hour but she’s not showing up yet, I was losing my patience already. I was really about to call her again but she came that moment like she just left a fashion show, she was wearing a white coat and purple glasses. Before I called her attention I could not speak a word. I was so mesmerised by her gorgeousness that time. Even other men in that bar is looking at me because I am with this very gorgeous woman that time.

Just a reference, not her, not mine.

Me and Janna are having a good time, beer for me and red wine for her. She even requested the waitress to play Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor while that song was playing she grabbed my hand and she was slowly dancing for me then I kissed her hand.

It is getting late around 8:00 PM, after drinking a lot of beer I had to run to the rest room, when I came back she is not there. I thought she went to the rest room as well. After few minutes the waitress asked me if she is still going back because the bill is not paid yet. That was the time when I told myself “that’s it… she’s gone…”. I tried calling her but she was dropping it. I know I shouldn't be attached to her in the first place, I just want to know why she left.

I was about to leave the bar, I was outside sitting finishing my beer and cigarette when my friend Miguel randomly came. So I decided to stay for a little longer and told him about Janna.

While talking to Miguel I just thought to myself that if she is 19 years old, not studying, no job, and staying in this country for 5 months alone how does she fund her self? It is only 2 reasons for me it’s either she’s a prostitute or her family is so rich to support her here.

Me and Miguel came to this only girly bar in that area that offers foreigners which are Russians. I talked to the manager and other girls inside that bar, no one has any idea about her.

I came home very confused, still dreaming to see her again regardless of what she’s doing.

She is making me insane until now.

I don’t know if I should call her again?

Will she call me again?

She really mesmerised me.

I miss her…