Trump is Nero 2.0, Burning Down the House

Donald Unger
Photo by Thomas Ehling on Unsplash

The Repubs Have Not a Single Firefighter Among Them

I know that it’s both cliché and often too easy to get to this analogy — a “go to” for some people, when describing evil; I use it with great reluctance but not carelessly or with imprecision.

I woke up to an audio clip on the news of chanting from a Trump rally: “Send them back!”

It sounded like the roaring crowd at a Nazi stadium rally.

It sent chills down my spine.

Whipping up a crowd in favor of the expulsion from the country of sitting members of Congress?

I never learned that one in Democracy 101.

Where are the Republicans with integrity, soul, and spine? Where is Mitch McTurtle?

When (not “if,” I increasingly fear) one or more members of Congress are assassinated by Trump-inspired thugs, will the Republican response — “the squad” being conveniently all female — simply be that “she was asking for it”?

To the Republicans of moral fiber “on the sidelines,” who likely would also be happier if Trump just went away: to do nothing in the face of what amount to human rights abuses and war crimes — and the incitement to commit more — is to become complicit in the commission of those atrocities.

More and more, Trump looks like a psychotic Emperor Nero 2.0 — not just fiddling while Rome burns, but — actively strafing swaths of the planet, at home and abroad, with napalm runs, while tweeting and fuming to himself, the tattered remnant of “The Party of Lincoln,” an impotent Greek chorus, self-gelded, huddled behind him, humming tunelessly, eyes studiously averted from the carnage they are abetting.

Object permanence — closing your eyes doesn’t make the ball on the table disappear — takes hold around the age of two. How and when did the Republican Party regress so far as to lose this fundamental understanding of reality? Pretending that you don’t see what’s happening doesn’t prevent it from happening — nor does it absolve you of complicity.

Trump has gone from “my opponents are enemies of the state” to “beat them” (an instruction to both civilians and police) to “jail them,” and now to (from the undocumented to legal residents to citizens to members of Congress), deport them: Send them back!

What’s the next logical step?

Donald Unger

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I write what I know and what I’ve lived: humor & chronic pain; politics & parenting; business writing & cultural analysis; and . . . ranting (a lot of ranting).

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