You CAN Change Your Company Culture

Scaling quickly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing company culture. Just ask Bluecore.

An ideas-first culture that valued creativity and innovation over hierarchy made Bluecore an early success; demand for their ecommerce insights platform just keeps growing.

That’s a dream scenario for most early stage companies, but it forces many changes, hiring among them. In a relatively short span of time, Bluecore went from a small organization where everyone knew everyone to one of the fastest growing SaaS startups that partners with over 400 consumer brands.

In the face of skyrocketing growth, maintaining that culture of ideas and innovation that propelled Bluecore’s early success became more important than ever. So company leaders called a meeting, and solicited ideas for initiatives that would improve their company culture at large.

They landed on a solution that would increase cross-departmental communication and collaboration, and give employees the opportunity to get to know one another no matter how large Bluecore became.

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