Reading 100+ Books a Year to “Upgrade” Yourself is a Complete Waste of Time
Zat Rana

I agree that reading a lot of books on the same topic can result in a lot of overlap. That’s why in certain cases I would rather read a dozen or so blog posts and articles that so that I can get as many opinions as possible.

As for books, sometimes I’ll read some that don’t benefit me beyond the halfway/two-third mark. The first third has that “ah ha” feel. Then the next third I’ll learn something. And the last third I’m like, I have no life experience to add context to this.

I think the biggest problem with this reading epidemic is that more often than not, when I want to learn something new to benefit my career I’ll have no idea what topic to chose. Or when reading one of Mark Zuckerberg’s book recommendations (which I haven’t yet) is having the skills to interpret the book in a meaningful way, if there is one.