In the more than twenty years between Marcos and Duterte, where has our country gone? Everywhere around us the world has changed. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, we are perpetually stuck in the “kilig” and drama of telenovelas, and the promise of easy money from noontime shows.

The covid crisis…

47 years you’ve been here

in my lifetime out of your 85.

Nary a day without you near

my mind, my heart, or by my side.

Never too far to talk to,

never beyond our reach.

All my life I’ve looked up to you,

all your life you never tired…

Three dozen thoughts clouding my brain,

The sun in the distance, shrouded by rain.

Got to be busy! Got to get going!

A post-workout meal, after gym this morning.

Rushed to the florist, rushed off to work!

Turn on the computer, print that report!

Straining to forget, ghosts from the…

Screaming on top of your lungs!

Hoping nobody would hear.

Hearing your heartbeat loud as a drum

This pain I can no longer bear.

Where is the dream?

Shrouded in gloomy overcast,

Eagerly awaiting the blinding sun,

So I can dig and bury again the past.


Donato R. Vytiaco

31 May 2000 @ 10:52pm

Scorching my tongue as I sip,

with you in a not-so romantic grip.

The burn awakens, brings tears to my eyes -

echoing in my head, “How time flies!”

I remember quite clearly how it was then,

when you swept me off my feet, again and again.

Glamor! Travel! Never-ending wonder!

Absence did make the heart grow fonder.

Craning my neck to glance outside,

this restaurant window, with you by my side.

People passing, running, rushing,

umbrellas unfold, as the rain starts pouring.

Perhaps life has more to offer than this,

the continuing saga of marital bliss.

A glimpse of a future, what might have been,

anxiety attacks, deep from within.

I wonder in silence

what life could be,

had it been different,

had you been he.


Donato R. Vytiaco

03 June 2000 @ 9:55pm

(Written in “her” point of view, in case you didn’t get it.)

i was awakened by the cold. White light turned blue from the night cloaked the immense expanse lying in front of me. l reached for a cigarette when my arm brushed ever so lightly across a woman’s back, sending vivid recollections of other nights, other rooms, the same woman. Sparks…

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