Nanay Nene’s age spots appeared only after she was in her 90s

What might our 92-year old mother regret the most?

Since we all share some form of the longevity gene from our parents, we might as well prepare for the inevitable slow, painful spiral into the fetal position as we glide into an expensive retirement right when the value of our lifetime savings are at their lowest.

Here are some insights from an article by Lydia Sohn which you can share with your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and whoever is willing to lend an ear and precious time to your hazy meanderings through senility’s hallway of horrors.

Upon clicking on the article link below, the author did us one thing better: you don’t even have to read any words! The author has graciously provided an audio narration of her work so the millennials among us can remain entertained via a cacophony of screens along with simultaneous, unrelated soundtracks blaring from wireless, wired, and conversational sources. Ugh!

As you can see, I’m not a “glass half full” kind of guy. I’m more of a “if it’s vodka then it doesn’t matter” kind of guy. AA here I come! Skoal!

To which… we shall soon be toasting Nanay’s 93rd birthday this coming January 2019! So please, be part of the family and involve yourselves with the preparations and not consider yourselves “guests” merely there to attend. Yes, I will call you out as I see fit! Nanay is pretty much used to my outbursts so it won’t affect the festivities one bit. And she’ll be too busy catching up with everybody she hasn’t seen for the longest. Until then…