Apartment woes, country woes, following a leader they chose…

Our apartment’s daily garbage was strangely untouched this morning. Usually by the time I leave for the gym, my contracted caretaker has taken them out for the garbage truck’s rounds. Otherwise the army of stray cats would rip them to shreds and my morning would be greeted by their stinky, filthy, oily contents strewn all over the apartment hallway.

Welcome to the Philippines. Straighten your seat backs, stow your tray tables, and set your clocks back to 1972.

My contracted caretaker was picked up last night by the police, as part of our supreme leader’s drug war. Not that he was caught red-handed, not that he was guilty of any crime, not that he was in their so-called “watch list.” All just for having a finger pointed in his direction.

The police caught some “bad hombres” in Trumpspeak, and asked them to point an accusing finger towards another, in exchange for their freedom. It does not matter that the person they name is innocent. With the ever-increasing powers (and ego) of our uniformed law enforcers, our country has been increasingly turned into a police state.

“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves.” -Robert Kennedy

When the current political, social and economic climate of this country has reinforced an attitude of pitting Filipinos against fellow Filipinos, with an ever-increasing fear of police and their unchecked powers, our countrymen are forced into an impossible situation. Even I, a law-abiding, tax-paying, Filipino-employing citizen, am no longer indifferent to the uniforms.

This caretaker has served as our properties’ carpenter, plumber, electrician, cleaner, messenger, security, and all other tasks any skilled and able citizen would embark to earn an honest living. What he does with his earnings is none of my business, for obviously whatever he does has not put us in harm’s way. On the contrary, his desire to maintain a good relationship with the hand that feeds him prompts him to do more than what is expected, safety and security notwithstanding.

Even if he were a drug user, his track record vehemently contradicts our supreme leaders insistence that people with drug problems are useless members of society and deserve to die. All our neighbors would attest to his unlimited utility. The drug problem, the unsolvable drug problem, is a symptom of a bigger issue. Narrowly squinting our vision to this mentality predates the growth of human civilization since the Greeks.

“Never get on the bad side of small-minded people with a little authority.” -Gifted (2017)

Let us keep the Filipino citizenry stupid, and maintain them like a flock of voters to support our political agenda come election time. Let us keep the Filipino citizenry poor, so that a measly handout of a few hundred pesos could buy their votes and satiate their hunger, blinding them to the consequences of that day’s meal.

Eventually the Filipino voters will learn their lesson. Either that or we accept our inevitable fate of sinking further into Satan’s hell where morals and the respect for human life are discarded like waste plastic clogging our cities and setting us up for the coming floods.

Who gets to decide who lives or dies? Who will you vote for next? Who let the dogs out? 🤣