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God is testing you as we see the rich mega church preachers supporting trump. How a christian could sell their soul to the thump. Who barges about sexually assaulting unknown women, lusting after his daughter, cheating on his three wives, trying to have sex with married woman, mocking the disabled, war heroes, those that have died protecting his freedoms, bribing officials , criticizing a judge who has Mexican ancestors, misusing his fake charity to pay his fines and buy his toys, carrying his bible 2 Corinthians, not paying tens of thousands of workers because he made bad business decisions that cost his employee $915,000. While trump takes the tax deductions of over a billion dollars and lost nothing, leaving the taxes to be payed by you and me. Is it okay to put a sexual predator in the presidency. Take away the poor insurance, cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicare, food stamps, services to the poor and in-firmed, cut taxes for the rich that will increase the deficit and many other inhumane acts,

God plays the long game, this is not about this years election. this is about how low we as christians can stoop and still show our face in church on Sunday. And then look toward judgment day with that on your conscious. Don’t let this be your denial that there “IS GAS CHAMBERS” moment. This is one of the reasons young educated people are leaving the church. Never again can a republican call themselves the moral party. Trump and his electric will fade into obscurity but the hypocrisy will live on.

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