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So Carrier gets $700,000 of state tax money and according to Forbes $65,000,000 federal tax dollars and more to come when he cuts taxes for businesses. That saved 1,000 jobs at a cost to tax payers of $82,125 per job per year. So when you pay your takes you are just paying the Carrier employees salary. And trump is dumb enough to be bragging about it. And his followers dumb enough not to realize they are paying their salaries and probably more. In Kentucky Toyota got $195,000. of tax dollars for each of the $16.00 an hour job they created. Ford got $250,000. of tax money for each job they created at $16.00 an hour. At $16 dollars an hour the employee will have to work for 333 years to pay back those taxes if they take no deductions. And now the next business is in line asking the taxpayers to pay their employees salaries. They are the true Welfare Queens. This is Communism when the government picks the companies who win and loose. Welcome to trumps America.

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