American History Will Not Save You From Trump

Thesis presented by Martin Heidegger’s Hologram, Assistant White House Press Secretary.

Mark Twain’s American Flag, 1901

El Trumpo thought America was India.

Trumpf was in New York before England was, auctioning the blacks.

Trumpevelt quit his government job and forced the army to let him and his buddies charge San Juan Hill. It’s been Gitmo ever since. He learned the Water Cure from the Spaniards, but really Waterboarding is an American sport. We perfected it in the Philippines a hundred years ago.

Yes, we are a torture state, an Empire, a tower of Trump.

And when we crushed the Philippines those hundred years ago, we said look at what we did to Mexico, we said look at we did to the Indians, we said look at them, they’re just negroes.

Trump was at Little Bighorn, saying we gonna take that village, we gonna drive them into the River, it’s gonna be huge.

And it was.

And it will be again.

In 1900, President McTrumpley sent 2,500 troops to China without Congressional approval.

Do you get what I’m saying here? Power is what’s taken, and once it’s took it’s never took back.

Trump took us a long time ago. He passed the Alien and Sedition Acts when the Bill of Rights was still warm from the oven. He ruled that separate was equal. He didn’t make Small Pox blankets because he’s never as smart as people think he is, but he knew what killing the Buffalo would do, and he piled those carcasses high.

Make a flag out of this.

I hope this has helped. So many of you seem to forget the Again, but that is Trump’s most important word.

Trump didn’t run on change, he ran on return. He’s not building something new. He’s taking us to the pile, and he will pile on more.

Don’t be afraid of Trump, at the top of the pile, shining.

Be afraid of America, at the bottom.

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