Make Disaster Great Again

Martin Heidegger’s Hologram provides meditations on disaster.

Don’t Tell Me Where Disaster Is

“It’s a disaster what’s happening over there is a disaster it’s a disaster is a disaster waiting to explode is a disaster is going to be a disaster they were having a total disaster coming across is a disaster it’s a disaster is a disaster, OK? It’s a disaster is a disaster it’s been a total disaster is a disaster that’s a disaster a disaster the job killing disaster is a disaster, folks. It’s a disaster the disaster remember it’s a disaster the job killing disaster you’ve been reading about it because it was a disaster a disaster.”* -My Leader

dis-aster is a puncture wound in the night sky, a poison flower. Disaster can be seen in the yawn of Caligula. It can be heard in the creak of a bridge. Once you attune yourself to the frequency of disaster, you will find it everywhere. Disaster makes the birches blush as it slumps into a hill. Disaster gets you a cup of tea in the afternoon because the doctor has you down to one cup of coffee a day. You don’t talk. You just look at each other while you sip. You’re not really tasting the tea.

There’s so much I want to tell you about disaster,
how it feels when you pull it up to your chin.
I’m weeping with it
because my eyes are made of it.

America is the home of the first disaster, the colony at Roanoke, which birthed two words: “croatoan” and “disaster.” The second one caught on. These were the original terrorists, folks, carving strange words on trees, these supposed environmentalists. They were dealt with. I guarantee you there’s no problem, not any more.

My Leader is bringing disaster back home,
is using disaster to its fullest capability.
America’s disastering the hemispheres
to the time zone horizons.
The world will grow fat with our disaster.
In the words of that old Negro spiritual,
“I seen all fire burn the same, Lord,
seen it burnin’ black and white,
seen my home in the flame, Lord,
bringin’ daytime to the night.”

It is daytime in America once more, and disaster shall lead us.

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