A perspective towards our powerful being

There are moments in our life when the feeling of satisfaction throws light on the purpose of our being. When one finishes something by themselves and gives a new life to the work which existed once in their thoughts and dreams, no matter how small the creation is, the entire journey of their creative process is culminating in a feeling, the closest description to which could be “I feel like I am in the air, light as a feather.” The course of life becomes a little clearer after that.

This “creative process” is a mystery because it is different for…

Explore your self while self-isolating

There is no doubt that the world is going through some tough times right now. I know it is tough to keep your distance from your loved ones, but the entire world is fighting collectively for the bigger cause. While self-isolation or social distancing is the only weapon against COVID-19, it sometimes gets on our nerves when we know that we can’t get out.

Out is where we want to go and we can’t go there right now so why not take a walk on the inside. By inside I mean your self. When was the last time you truly…

From good to better to great updates

Creativity is a process. It is a process of going from what could be to it is here. I feel high, happy and “I can do anything” when I finish something. It is always a challenge when you need to run your brain to solve a problem in a unique and divergent way.

Once the problem has been solved by the process of the unique creativity that everyone on this planet is blessed with, we discover that “it could be done this way too, a better way.” The previous process that culminated in today’s work suddenly appears to be lacking…

Especially when there is no benchmark

It feels exhilarating, out of this world, strengthening when we create something. The conscious act of channeling your seemingly unrelated thoughts through the language of your movements; hands, lips, expressions, and emotions, is, if not in exaggeration, quite magical. That feeling stays with you, but unfortunately, momentarily. The ship of your creativity wants to reach ashore to unload the contents and move further. Your creativity needs a port. Does it?

The same brain that was responsible for the magical creations magically switches itself off to embody a disappointed after-show actor walking on the street to catch the 9:30 train back…

understand the power of your creative instinct

There is a lot of stuff around us. We experience the availability of the potentially unlimited content on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook; art through different mediums, fashion, culture, the music, you name it. There is so much content available that it becomes extremely easy to flick through them for potential inspiration and apply the elements to create something quickly. If you pay attention to how your creations (drawings, paintings, music, photography, literally anything that you have produced) are coming to life, you may know it.

The idea of creating something new is sometimes compromised for the…

Use your intrinsic creativity to doodle your talks

*Picks up*

-Hey, what’s up?
Mmmm, I did something I am not proud of.
-OMG! What did you do now?!


Nothing intense, but I liked their 43 weeks old Instagram picture
-Wow! Can you just not be that extra every time?

The art of paying attention to seemingly unimportant things

From the moment we wake up in the morning, to the good night’s sleep at the end of the day, our conscious self comes in contact with virtually unlimited information. We filter that plethora of information to the amount that will be required for us to achieve the objectives we have for the day. This tailored information is most important to us according to the priorities we have set in our lives for the day or for the hour. Our mind is like a sieve which allows the information having a meaning to us to pass through. …

From what could be to it is here

From imagination to reality

An amazing thing about us as humans is that we are intrinsically wired to experience the world around and the world within, through our own individual perspective and surprisingly become aware of it. You are aware of your expectations from this text and have already formed a sense of learning about “imagination” and how we can bring it to “reality”. We constantly ask ourselves questions. The availability of millions of books and the Internet can answer almost every question we face today. …

Inspiration is a feeling. A mental stimulus reinforced by the desire to do something different for yourself and for the world around you. No matter what kind of a person you are, the more you learn about things and living beings around you, the more your desire for inspiration to create something different increases. There are times when your engine of inspiration is running out of fuel and here is the list of 10 ways to keep your tank on full.

1. Establish the desire, the first step

You know that you’re out of fuel, the next thing to do…

To think is to change the future. Thinking is crucial to decision making for it is the decisions on choices that allow us to move forward in life. When it comes to work and tasks in daily life, questions starting with how are the ones that pose challenges in front of us. An answer to the hows is the processed outcome of your creative thinking. Creativity is a special ingredient, the glitter, the extra cheese, the extra masala, the “everything nice” which was used to make Powerpuff girls, and in the end, gives a personal touch to your creations.


Doodle Kit Project

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