Doogie Browser, a Software Development Leader


You can call me Doogie Browser. I’m from the Philippines and I have been in the Software Development Industry for about years that I can self-categorized myself as one of those who could tell stories that might provide telling pieces of perspectives while working in the software development world — even in the general corporate workplace, or perhaps, a contribution to certain personal lives — that’s a longshot though.

My trip to anonymity as Doogie Browser is a preference, because I want the experience, personality, and mind to speak more than my real name. I belong to the perspective that I feel I will be able to share more comfortably and independently taking the anonymous route. For example, sharing my mantra in the workplace— “Working hard and maximizing my potentials without minding recognition,because I want to go home early and be recognized in my family”. Oh, I just felt free sharing that thought and yes, I have my own family too. Perhaps to add more context, I don’t want my teammates to figure out I am telling stories about them! It’s hard to tell immediate feelings on the other end if my previous bosses see — More often than not, Software Development managers (middle and top) in the Philippines tend to go the “structure-first mentality”. instead of grinding the work with the team. And when I share such, bashing would be the least thing in mind, rather forming constructive thoughts on how I’ve managed such situations. Great disclaimer.

So if you figure out who I am through context, send me a private message along the way. It’s good to know someone knows me very well.

Why Doogie Browser, really? I thought of Doogie Howser MD where the Doctor writes the daily happenings on his desktop at the end of day. I am looking forward to engage you through my writing. Software Development + Corporate + Parenthood + SocioPolitical. There’s a lot of stories to tell I’m sure.

Truly yours,

Doogie Browser