Program from Axelar

Actually, the Ambassador’s program will be in 4 stages

  • Stage 1 — by January 16–17, everyone who wanted to do something useful for the community and confirmed the form will get there.
    * Stage 2–300 participants who passed will receive an e-mail and will be awarded NFT and tokens
    * Stage 3-top 150 will receive an official rank and an exclusive NFT, as well as a special set of gifts.
    * Stage 4–50 of the selected will receive the highest official rank, as well as receive an exclusive NFT and a limited edition gift set.

“Stages 2, 3 and 4 will be stimulated by the allocation of up to 100,000 tokens for each stage, distributed among the accepted participants.”

Fill out this form

Get creative.
You can be the best at something or in all kinds of views, for example
- Blog post
- Infographics / board / step-by-step video (made for Axelar)
-Technical / general documentation
-Graphics (s)
- Podcast episode
-Video about Axelar (made for distribution ) through a third party)
-Translation of existing documentation



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