So, here’s the thing: for us to fight back against a Trump presidency and a Republican dominated…
Jackrabbit Furiosa

The votes are still being counted, but Trump drew 60.6 M votes, compared to Romney’s 60.6M in 2012. Clinton underperformed Obama by 8M from 2008 and by 5+M from 2012. Dems stayed home in droves. Michael Moore noted that 90,000 Michigan voters voted a complete ballot but left President blank. The margin in Michigan was 11,000. In Michigan and Wisconsin, county after county that went twice for Obama went for Trump. And yes, now we get to enjoy AG Sessions and Minister to Mars Palin along with our new retrograde Supremes.

I blame the DNC on tipping the scales away from an electable candidate and for their preferred insider. They ran a status-quo candidate in a change election, and turned a continued deaf ear to the plight of people in flyover country. They didn’t listen- now we all inherit the wind. And yes I know about voter suppression, and that remains a problem, but the so-called Obama coalition did not turn out. Putting the lie to “elections don’t matter,” and making the resulting blame fest just so much red meat for the fascists who are gathering even as we argue.

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