Have you heard about Sweet P Social?

Brands, Influencers and Content Creators: take note. I’m about to rock your (social media) world.

If you’ve ever been the one in charge of managing influencers, marketing campaigns, social media in general — my guess is that you can relate to the struggle of sourcing talent. Sure, you’ve got the people who are so hot right now — but then there’s trying to find all the other goodness on social media (and holy damn — there’s so much talent to be found!). That time you spend trying to discover the next social media superstar, creating data lead spreadsheets etc etc; building relationships with the right content creators is all time consuming. Sound familiar? Yeah, same.

And the flip side of that, are you a Content Creator wanting to work on cool projects? Like, where do you find them? How do you connect with the right people within the business? How do you manage all of the back and fourth?

Enter Sweet P Social. Sweet P Social is a tech platform designed to simplify the collaboration process between brands, influencers and content creators. It’s connecting the dots between jobs and talent. It’s bringing to life a new wave of talent waiting to be discovered. It’s a tool developed to help you monetise your social channels. It’s revolutionising influence.

Ok, so what does it actually do?

Firstly— like all good beginnings, you create an account. It’s super easy; sign up with your email, Instagram or Facebook, create a profile, drop a pin for your current location, add some pics, write a bio. Yada yada. You get the drift. And then the fun starts!

The Profile Page

If you’re a brand you can jump right into creating a job. And there’s two ways you can go about it; posting the job to the marketplace, leaving it open for people to get in touch with you or posting it directly to your desired Content Creator. You’ll be given a comprehensive brief form to fill out — but because it’s a collaborative process you can work out the finer details with the Content Creator before the project kicks off.

If you’re a Content Creator there’s a big plus to using the Sweet P Platform. Whilst you can sit back and wait for opportunities to hit your inbox, you’re also able to be proactive about finding jobs by browsing through the marketplace. You can pitch in your own ideas to brands and respond to current jobs that are active.

And then there’s the content management side of things. (My favourite side of things!) Social Media Managers, you can thank me later. Plan out your feed in advance to make sure everything is looking hot as hell. Write your captions, choose your hashtags — the whole sha-bang. The benefit here is that if you’re in a company where approvals are required, it’s an easy way to move quickly on the sign off process.

Content Management

Lover of a good wishlist? Praise the Sweet P gods, we’ve got that for you too! As a brand you might be inclined to keep different wishlists for the different types of content creators you need to approach in the future; Beauty, Fashion, Travel to name a few. As a Content Creator, keep track of your favourite creatives or brands you want to reach out to.

Wanna hear more? Flick me an email, I love to chit-chat. Doone@sweetpagency.com.

Doone Roisin is the Co-Founder of Sweet P Agency. Made by millennials, for millennials. Get in touch for a FREE copy of The Most Comprehensive Guide to Instagram.