The Frozen Lake Trek — Chadar Trek

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Oct 30, 2017 · 3 min read
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Chadar Trek also called the frozen lake trek lies in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. This is a winter trek. Obviously it can only be done in winters, because the lake can only freeze in winters due to chilly cold winds. The trail is located in the Ladakh region of the most beautiful state of India Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is aware of the natural beauty and stunning sights of Jammu and Kashmir. While trekking the Chadar trek trail one gets to see the magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas.

Chadar trek is situated at an elevation of 11,123 ft. above the sea level. And the trekking distance that has to be covered by trekkers is 75 kilometers. This trek is also famous among the international tourists. Therefore many tourists from abroad visit Ladakh to experience this trek. Large numbers of trekkers from India also do this trek as well. Thousands of trekkers from different corners of the world visit Ladakh to do this trek. The attraction point of this trek is the frozen lake. The frozen lake lies within the enthralling trails which are covered by snow. This trek is graded as a difficult one, and it is not a cup of tea for beginners. Henceforth I would suggest only experienced and professional trekkers to do this trek. As the difficulty level of this trek trail is extremely high.

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The best time to do the Chadar trek is from middle of January till February. Only during this season can you experience the frozen lake trek. The layer of the frozen lake is thick during this time of the year. This thick layer makes this season suitable for doing the frozen lake trek. You will be amazed by the experience of walking on a frozen lake.

Trek Route of Chadar Trek

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It will take you around 9- 10 days to complete this trek.

Starting off with your arrival in Leh, and then do a night stay there itself in a hotel or a guesthouse. On the next day you will be driving to Tilad Do and then trek to Tilat Sumdo. After that you’ll be staying the night in tents in Tilad Do. Next morning after having breakfast start trekking towards Shingra Koma, this is a 10 km trek. Stay there for the night in tents. Get up early in the morning and after having breakfast start trekking towards Tibb cave, this is going to be a 15 km trek. After arriving there setup a campsite and retire for the night. The next day you will be trekking towards Naerak Camp which is located near the frozen lake. You will be amazed by the experience. Then setup a campsite near the river and take rest.

From the next day you will start trekking back. This day you will be trekking back to Shingra Komam and spend the night there. The next morning after having a wholesome of breakfast start trekking back to Tilad Do and from there take a ride to Leh. Spend the night in hotel or guest house. Next morning drive back to your home and the journey ends here.

For booking your trek contact us on Himalayan Adventure Journey.

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