Here’s how we decided to price doopoll

Today, we’re announcing our pricing of doopoll as we go into public release. But before I give you the details of that, let me explain how we came to that decision.

We’ve come a long way since our first beta release

This time last year, we started to accept beta users for doopoll. We had a pretty good idea of how we thought people would use it.

Since that first week of our beta release, we have learnt a lot about how people make decisions and how they want to use doopoll together. Here’s some of the things that have happened in that time:

  • We’ve facilitated thousands of decisions through the platform
  • Tens of thousands of people have voted on polls
  • We have hundreds of people creating polls all across the world
  • The only continent not using doopoll is Antarctica (get on that!)

The most important thing that we’ve learnt

When it came to thinking of how to price doopoll, we started to think about what it was that we were really trying to achieve by creating this product.

When we boiled down our thoughts into a simple unifying idea, it’s this:

We believe that consensus facilitates change.

We want people to create polls that get as many responses as possible. That’s the big idea.

So here’s how we’re pricing doopoll

Based on what we’ve learnt through our beta and that simple unifying idea, we’ve decided on this pricing model:

  • doopoll is now free to use
  • Create unlimited polls
  • Get up to 1000 responses per poll

And all you need to do, is sign up.

Also announcing powerups

Today we’re also making three premium powerups available to those who want to add a little juice to their doopoll account.

There are three groups of features that we are offering to you. Here’s how that looks:

The Theme Pack


Your poll’s great but wouldn’t it look better if it was a bit more you? Add your brand colours and logo to increase awareness and trust and make people feel their opinion really matters.

The theme pack unlocks these features:

  • Custom colours
  • Add your own logo

Available for £15/month

The Pro Pack


This is the powerup for people who want to be more productive, run live polls better and save time day to day. Sound good?

The pro pack unlocks these features:

  • Question queuing
  • Add images to polls
  • Duplicate polls
  • Duplicate questions
  • Allow question skipping

Available for £15/month

The Team Pack


Want to allow your team members to help run a poll? Need to share results with your boss? Need to pass a poll to a translator? The team powerup allows you to do all of that.

The team pack unlocks these features:

  • Collaborate on poll across teams of up to five people
  • Create polls together
  • Share your other powerups with all team members

Available for £50/month

We believe that this is the model that will allow you to get the most out of the platform and make more informed decisions together with your people.

We are also offering a discount for annual subscriptions. If you sign up for an annual subscription we’ll give you 12 months for the price of 10.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can write to us at

Steve, Sam and Marc

Originally published at doopoll.

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