Polls vs Surveys

If there’s one question we get asked a lot, it’s this one:

Why would I choose doopoll when we already use [insert your own choice] for our surveys?

That’s a good question. And it’s got an answer that’s way more straightforward than us trying to persuade you of all the reasons that doopoll’s better than XYZ.
 The answer is that: polls and surveys just aren’t the same thing.

What’s the difference?

Let’s start by taking a look what IS the same.

  • The main aims of both polls and surveys is to get information from an individual or group of people
  • Both have different kinds of question
  • Both are pretty established formats

Aside from those things, there are a large number of differences between polls and surveys. Both are really useful when they’re in the correct context.

When to use a survey

People generally opt to use a survey when:

  • They’re looking for in depth, and often text based, information
  • They need to get qualitative feedback on a topic

Sounds pretty great right? But before you fire up your survey provider’s website, think about the following drawbacks of using a survey:

  • Surveys rarely get you easy data — you’re always going to spend a large amount of man power trying to work out what they data says
  • Surveys take a long time — for a survey to get a good amount of data, you’ll need to leave it online for a few days or maybe even longer. Think: do you really have time for that?
  • Surveys are dead loops — once you’ve sent your survey out to your audience, it’s very difficult to change anything about the questions you’ve asked and it’s almost impossible to add new questions. That’s because survey providers mostly need you to refresh your page in order to see changes to the survey. Your users probably don’t ever think to do that
  • Surveys are unspeakably boring — think: when did you last enjoy doing a survey?

An example of the live results view in doopoll

What’s the alternative?

Hey, that sounds pretty awful! I don’t want to lose people for those reasons.

We feel you, don’t worry

If those three things put you off, you’re probably better off with a poll. With doopoll, you’re getting all of the good bits about surveys without any of the downsides. Our polls trump surveys because:

  • You get clear, visual feedback — As soon as people begin answering questions in your poll, you can see how it’s going on the Live Results view of your poll. Simple!
  • You get decisions quickly — Polls are way better than surveys because they’re so easy for respondents to fill out. That means you’re probably going to get way more responses, way faster. We find that people using doopoll to make decisions get 10x the number of respondents
  • You can edit the poll — No more awkward misspellings, no more sending out supplementary e-mails asking users to log back on. Everything with doopoll is live — you don’t ever have to lose data because of a technicality

Got some more questions? Give us a shout on support@doopoll.co and one of our team will get right back to you.

Want to give us some feedback? We’re prepared a really short poll. Right this way!

Originally published at doopoll.

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