Hello, doopoll beta


  • Today we open for free beta signups
    Sign up here: http://doopoll.co/request-beta
  • It is a stable and full functioning beta but we request usability or functionality feedback if you find something weird
  • We’ll be adding more great features before our live launch in late September


It’s Marc. I’m one of the three people behind doopoll — the best way to make a decision with a group of people.

Sam, Steve and I have been working on doopoll for the past four months and thinking about it for almost a year now. I can tell you that time flies.

But today, we’re really happy that we can start letting people use this powerful tool that we have been using internally and a series of test partners for two or three months now.

About our beta

Request a beta invite: http://doopoll.co/request-beta

One of the most difficult things about developing a product is getting out of the door. Anyone who has ever done this will understand that usually the problems are not to do with the product itself but more to do with the stuff that goes with it.

We got held up by several weeks when half way through the process of launching the beta we discovered that we were liable to be sued for using doopoll’s former name. A rebrand followed.

We also wanted to be sure that the platform was as stable as possible. We’ve tested this with crowds of several hundred at a time and also small groups, dispersed groups and every possible combination of the above.

Basically, our beta is a stable, highly usable and fresh looking product. You can use it in any situation and we are confident that it will all be blindingly good.

That being said, when a product goes into the wild, it becomes a creature of its own and inevitably there will be things that will annoy you at first. If you have trouble or find something confusing, please let us know. That’s definitely why we’re still in beta.

Signing up for the beta?
It’s free!

What’s in the pipeline?

Someone told me a startup is a business in search of a business model. That seems like a wise way to look at stuff but also, we’re in search of a better product and improving the way that you make decisions with other people.

So while the version of doopoll that we’re releasing today is already so useful and powerful in making decisions (we found that we get 10x the number of responses when using doopoll as we did with traditional form providers) we also know that there’s more that we have to do to make this as great as it can be. For example:

  • Collaborative polling
  • White labelling
  • Sign up to a team account with just a matching TLD
  • Integrations with other products
  • Embedding loops
  • A few more question types which will get incredible information for you

These things will come with time. We’re aiming to release a full version by the end of September all things being well.

Right now, though, we’re keen to get the foundational functionality of doopoll working in the real world with your real world problems.

I could talk about decision making and democratic processes all day long (in fact, you can look out for lots of thought leadership pieces and perhaps even a book in the next few months.)

But for now, I gladly invite you to check out our beta.

Like everyone else who launches a product or service on the internet these days, we are immensely proud of doopoll and we really think that you will benefit from using it.

Our hope is that before you know it, you’ll be using it several times a day as we have been. It is just so useful in helping you make decisions and surface hidden information in your team, community or group.

If you have any comments, we welcome them here or you can get in touch with me by e-mail: marc@doopoll.co

Want support? You can just message our team on support@doopoll.co