We made some changes

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been keeping up with feedback from our beta users. Most people who have signed up to the beta have been sharing their feelings and experiences of using doopoll through our support channels and it has been really invaluable to us.

Already, we have pushed dozens of small updates to the app and we’re planning some much larger ones over the coming weeks.

But today, I wanted to share with you our most recent round of changes.

I’ll go over those in a quick text roundup in a moment, but if you’re a more visual person, you might prefer to watch me summarise it all for you in 2m45s of video.

And now for those who aren’t interested in watching a video, today’s update deals with some problems that people were experiencing with our slider based questions.

There are really two major things:

  1. A new mechanism for allocating budget using sliders — now there’s a 100 point cap on the sliders of any one question. This means that you get a way more effective set of data about how a looper (user) feels about the question you’re asking
  2. Better labels and more intuitive views — we found that some people had a problem with the lack of labels on the sliders in Spectrum questions and also really missed having exact numbers on the Presenter view. So we added them!

And that’s it. Not major changes but we think you’ll agree that they make the product way better and more usable.

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