He is alone, he is a parent, he is angry, and he is taking charge now.


He lit up the heap of garbage on fire. He is not ignorant of the facts; burning garbage created a toxic cocktail. He probably acknowledges that by burning garbage, the process doesn’t “get rid” of trash, it simply alters it is chemical form, in which he and all those around him will end up being exposed to. I’ll lead ahead and assume he is a school teacher as well. Now, apart from the fact that the only known truth to me from all of the above is the setting garbage on fire factor, I realize he is also a parent. 
How do you argue with a parent, a father in this case, what he is doing is invariably harmful to his family, to his children, to his neighbours, and the community around him. How do you reason with an individual whose house is sited right next to an enormous pile of uncollected trash. How do you ask a person to take in the “bigger picture” when his house is overtaken by flies, rodents. When the entrance to his home has become a gathering place for all the stray dogs and cats. He doesn’t require us to lecture him, he knows, he genuinely does, that his action might have caused his loved ones forms of cancer and respiratory related “reactions”.


He is not selfish, he is not ignorant, nor is he reckless. In his universe, the brutal reality of his situation manifested itself in that late hour of the night before. Here he is all alone! The sounds of his kids coughing, the foul smell that found its way to his every fabric in his household, the constant fear his wife is living every time she worries what the cockroaches and flies might have contaminate, all were cues of what to come. In his universe, he was alone.

His government abandoned him, a full year went by and the garbage criseshaves yet tosettlee. Politicians betrayed him, everyone he voted for contributed to this crisis by their action, and even inactions. His neighbours neglected him, their garbage is away from their doorsteps, for it’s now on his. His community forgot about him, as summer concerts and parties are being held 15 min away from his place. His country gave up on him, as this crisis still fails to unit enough masses to force a solution, let a alone reform. 
He woke up in the middle of thedarkt, unable to turn on the air conditioning because of the electricity cutoff that occurs every few hours, and has been for 20 years. He can’t open the windows or else every form a flying insect and garbage fume will find its way indoors. Hospitals won’t take his kids in, because or non-existent medical care for the unprivilaged. His local municipality won’t answer back his cries. There are no clean, free public parks that will have over on weekends for his children to get some hours of clean air.

He was all alone, he gave up on all of us. He gave up on the thousands who took the street in protest of the garbage crises, and on the hundreds of thousands doing nothing still. He gave up on enviromtal activists, and on the fashion bloggers. For the experts offering solutions, and on the food instagramers. On mothers screaming on the tele for the politicians help, and on the Pokemon enthusiasts. On civic communities trying to push people to recycle, and on the party goers. On the numerous TV bits educating people how to downplay the effect of the garbage crises, and on the abundant awards, entertainment and game shows every night. He is convinced he is all alone, he is convinced that if he does nothing, then nothing will occur. His basic needs as a citizen, as a tax paying and a law abiding citizen, are unmet, and never has been for as long as he can recall. Today, his universe comes down to a simple act; survive the night. Survive one night at a time, and the hell with everyone else, the hell with tomorrow.

He is alone, he is a parent, he is angry, and he is taking charge now.