For me, Careem represents more than a dream, it represents a promise. The promise that a local company, from this region, created by people who grew up here and understand our problems can cater to those issues.
Why I left Google to join Careem ?
Wael Fakharany

I truly enjoyed this piece. Of course your narrative and style is well mastered here, but from another citizen in this region, this is the kind of attitude we hope to spread. I know the common debates mostly evolve around “the youth is leaving their homelands to pursue better opportunities abroad” and the “my homeland won’t support my dreams”..and although both are valid statements that come with massive impact and facts, another fact remains.

It’s my humble opinion, that the fact comes in two folds; expectation and attitude.

Governments expect people to remain and invest in the region, forgetting that valuable experience can be gained from working and collaborating with other teams abroad (whom are ahead) bring a wealth of information and trials that can serve us better. Assuming the government is doing a responsible part allowing such to be tried at home. May it be of laws, legislation, infrastructures and so forth.

Another fold is us, our attitude. Believing that governments and opportunities are mutually exclusive. Believing that government entities are static and non-receptible creates the wrong idea. They are slow, and governed by bureaucracy for sure, but they require us to present solutions and concepts to get things moving. Also the “saftey factor” you mentioned. It takes a lot of courage and determination to leave that zone, and pursue a riskier path. And it is justifiable that at such times people will take the safe over the risky. But it only takes a few, just a few determined teams to give confidence to the masses watching from the sidelines. Someone eventually will join, or compete. In both cases it is a win-win.

Again, thank you for such an inspiring piece, I wish all the luck with Careem. Although I am not a user yet, but I have a lot of respect for what this team has accomplished so far, and forced “others” to adapt :). Keep creating mate.