Why club members make the best employees

Is hiring students for full-time or internship positions important to your company? If so, where are you finding those students? If it’s not from student organizations, you may want to think about implementing it as a strategy. Below are three reasons why:

Notre Dame Society of Women Engineers
  1. They go the extra mile. They care about their career, they care about their future, they care about their success. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be learning how to code, building robots, or attending hackathons late at night and on the weekends. They want to be surrounded by students and professionals in their field of choice that push them to be and do more. They’re full of hope, motivation, and curiosity, which translates to high work ethic and natural innovation in the workplace.
  2. They’re team players. A struggle for many students is getting real world experience working on a team. Through clubs, they get a taste of it. Whether it’s recruiting members to join, raising money, budgeting and deciding where to spend money, being held accountable, being creative, the list goes on and on — they do all of these tasks as a team project. One of the reasons I love clubs is because they essentially function as a startup within a larger organization. It’s something that’s missing in the classroom.
  3. They’re hungry. In a survey we conducted with hundreds of club members, we found the number one reason for students joining a club is to get connected to companies in order to secure a job or internship. They are the ones that are actively looking for full-time and internship positions; which is both good and bad for employers. Good because they are highly motivated and the talent you want; bad because it creates a challenge for employers to act in an effective and unique way in order to stand out from their competition and get to this talent before someone else snatches them up.

Bonus — Take a look at this post from a few months back; it will tell you all you need to know about the grit, passion, and creativity that many students in clubs possess.

To sum it up: club members make the best hires. Do you agree or disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Adam Rosen is the co-founder and COO of Door of Clubs, which helps companies engage with and hire within student clubs. He can be reached at adam@doorofclubs.com.

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