Safety Measures While Buying a Power Bank in Pakistan

Power Banks in Pakistan

In this society, running at extremely fast pace, people want their smart device to be fully charged. Therefore they are going to search for the latest fast charging power banks in Pakistan and similar items that can let them keep their phone charged.

Remember this thing can be very much hazardous. It may damage your original phone battery. Be very careful while purchasing powerbanks.

Following Are Some Important Measures, One Should Take Before Purchasing

1. Readout Its mAh

mAh is the storage capacity of power banks. The higher the mAh, more charging it can store, but remember a large mAh powerbank also takes much time for charging itself. On the other hand there are small mAh ones too.

What I suggest is that a 10000mAh is a standard capacity that one should buy either offline or online as it is the optimum solution. But if someone needs higher power, can also go for the bigger ones.

But the main thing is that before purchasing, confirm from the seller that the mentioned mAh is the actual mAh, ask him again and again, so that he tells the truth.

2.Check Its Weight & Size

If the power bank, you are going to buy is of very small size but has mentioned a very large mAh just like 25000mAh, it may not be original and might be the low quality model that may damage your phone or tablet.

Weight is also important just like size. The clue is that a high capacity powerbank should have some weight like 700grams or even greater than 1kg. It should not be like 100grams.

3. Ampere Output of USBs

A very important thing to be discussed is that you should be knowing the right ampere values of your outputs. The value of 1A is usually in some powerbanks for the one USB port and 2.1A for the second one.

If your powerbank has written something like 3amp or 4 amp or even greater, I should suggest, not to go for it because if it is so large, it may malfunction your battery.

But on the other side, even if 1A or 2A or 2.1A is mentioned, ask the seller that is it the actual value that is written?

4. How It Looks, Is Of Sound Importance

Usually high quality power banks cast a very fine, eye-catching and clear view. The color on the body is fine and smooth and is not rough.

This thing is very important because replicas usually have removed color and original ones have fine color.

But this is not the only deciding factor as some replica manufacturers focus on appearance and make products looking similar to the original one, also pay importance to other points as well.

5. Look Inside the USB Ports

See inside the USB ports, if it looks everything neat and fine, it is Ok but it it casts really dirty look, it may not be the original one.

6. Check the Brand Spellings on the Packing and on the Power Bank

Replicas usually change the name of the original power bank and write a similar name, that you may not judge at the first sight but it is important. Go to Google and search for the correct spellings, if it is correct, ok and if not correct simply leave it.

7. Which Brands Should One Buy? And From Where to Buy Them

People usually search for Samsung, Sony, LG, apple and similar power banks, but I say that these are very expensive if original. Their copies are being sold largely and you should not go for them.

Now moving towards the point, you should buy any brand you want but should be of high quality.

Romoss, Proda, Space and AMB etc. are the high quality brands for Power Banks.

Xiaomi is an extremely high quality brand but it is expensive.

At the end I would like to say that “Use power bank as an emergency gadget, not as the every time charger, it is designed only for emergency purposes”

Moving towards buying, one can go towards markets and can also place order online but on high quality website.

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