Doozyrama Map Guide: how to customise the map and follow accounts.

Doozyrama Map Alternative
2 min readMar 18, 2017


Doozyrama is a crowdsourcing map, that reflects people’s interaction with the world around (tracks where you have literally been) and gives an ability to share their passion with others by creating thematic accounts.

Following accounts in Doozyrama is a good way to customise the map based on YOUR interests and being informed about new places.

For newbies in Berlin or tourists we made Berlin Sightseeing account to easily find top attractions.

To follow Berlin Sightseeing account is that easy:

  1. As you open the app first time, you will see the map covered with the fog (see pic. below). As a new user you didn’t create any places and follow no one, so as default you see zero places. But they are existing :)

2. Tap top left button (see pic. below) to see places from all accounts 10 km around.

3. To customise the map and follow interesting accounts (for ex. Berlin Sightseeing), go to your profile and tap “Following” button (see pic. below).

4. As a new user you are not following anyone yet. It’s easy to fix by tapping the top right button (see pic. below).

5. Just choose an interesting account from the list or search for another one for ex. Berlin Sightseeing. To follow it, tap on the button (see pic. below).

6. Here we go, now you follow the account and the map is customised!



Doozyrama Map Alternative

Doozyrama is a free interactive crowdsourcing social map. iOS APP.