Run meteor.js locally without server

We’re running, an online data visualization tool. Several users on our site indicated that they want to be able to connect to their local database to pull data. I’m on a quest to make our application run locally without complicated server setup. Here’s how I did it. I’d love to hear feedback other meteor.js developers.

Local builds come with default mongodb and node.js executables. We bypass typical authentication with a generated user. On server start, we check if local user exists and insert it to database:

Create local user if not exists

On client side, we hide login window, fill in credential and automatically log user in:

Hide login window
Automatically login with local credential

We create regular build with “meteor build” command. Write a couple of shell scripts to start mongodb and node.js server.

That’s how we did it. If you’re interested in trying our build and script, checkout the following link. Our software is great for data visualizations!

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