I already have a personal blog with self-host, self-name but when the time passed for a long time in my mind, there is not mine, it is not all of my opinions in the article. I have tried to do my blog was cool and made it popular. It became something, not likes a thing that I want. I had to be careful too much before writing something in my blog. At the last time, it made me bored to write anything in my blog. It is a terrible thing in my life because I love to write a blog and write a story. When we found something in a normal day, maybe it just a normal thing in that day but it will be not the normal thing in the next day. I believed like that. You have to write it for save the memory. I hated myself who bored write a blog. I want myself back who writing the blog every day or everything he wants. So, I am here at the medium blog.

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