SXSW ruined my Birthday & sparked a movement!

Each year our Founder Matt Hagger has found himself celebrating his birthday among the tech, film and music elite at SXSW… And it sucked!

A birthday is every individual’s personal New Year, and should be celebrated as such. Alas, everyone’s birthday isn’t celebrated every year. This was the case of our founders, Matt Haggar of London and Eli Shmerler of Belgium.
Coincidentally, their birthdays came while on traveling on business. In his role as founder of UK based start-up technology incubator E-Man Labs, Matt found himself in Austin, TX during his birthday, at South By Southwest (SXSW), while Eli was in New York City on business, during his. Both found the commemoration of their birth to be anticlimactic, as they were foreigners, out of their element and surrounded by strangers.
When the two uncelebrated entrepreneurs reunited in Europe, their mission was clear: make sure their lackluster birthday experiences was never endured by another soul. As a result of their collaboration, we were born and Doppels became the world’s first app that connects users by birth date. Through Doppels, strangers can become friends through common life anniversaries.
“We’re extraordinarily excited to launch Doppels. We believe that Doppels will spark a movement that builds deeper and more meaningful relationships, in a world where people seek instant gratification,” says CEO Matt Hagger. “Everybody has a birthday, so naturally everyone has Doppels. Our Doppels day feature gives the entire community a chance to discover how they connect to people born that day. Our algorithms will ensure that every successful connection we match breeds unique insight between two people,” said the duo.


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