Today is our 1st Doppels Day!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We are both humbled and thrilled by all of the support we’ve received from the Doppels community. When we built Doppels, our goal was to transform the way you celebrate birthdays and connect with others. Since launching one year ago today, we’ve learned a lot, but our goals remain unchanged. We want to make the world a more open, authentic and enjoyable place.

In our first year we have started this process of reinventing birthdays as shared celebrations and global events. Together we have sparked a movement to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. Over a quarter million users have been able to connect with one another in the Doppels community, and that number is rapidly growing.

“I feel like humanity is evolving and the world needs something like this. Less ego more love, in a way, I guess,” our founder Matt Hagger explains. “Through Doppels, we can hear about people’s stories and give mankind an equal voice on their special day, unlocking new friendships, connections and more. We also want to enable the birthdate — our unique identifier as humans — to unlock new levels of discovery between us.”

Founder *M@ Hagger and the Doppels Dancers

The future is bright and we are working hard to deliver the best birthday experiences for you!

Thank you again for all of your support.


Team Doppels

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