Finding Your “Next:” Let The Journey Begin!

Dora Daniel
May 15, 2018 · 2 min read

Pursuing our life paths to create the most meaningful experience we can during our time on this Planet, and being a positive influence in our world along the way is some of the most important “work” we can do!

​​Over the years, I’ve been told I have many talents; my choice lies in which one to pursue. I appreciate the compliment, but if you are like me, when determining which talent to cultivate, I often come up with more questions than answers, e.g., Is this the best use of my time? Will I have the kind of impact I desire? Will I find a community of like minds who’ll support me in use of it to its best end? And, a key question (because all paths and passions must be funded!): Will I make enough money doing it? (We can talk more about how “enough” is defined later . . . ).

Deciding just one path felt too restrictive, so I am embracing a life of “multipotentiality” because if living has taught me nothing else, our lives are made of up a series of paths, not just one. Our “work” is to pick the one we walk next . . . ​ And the best news of all? There’s room for all of it: to do meaningful work, to learn, to create, to give, to see “worlds” outside of our own, to prosper, to be quiet and to think aloud; to thrive; not just survive.

​On any given day, at any moment, we can take a new path, make a fresh start, and do those things that bring health, joy, peace and positivity to our lives and to our communities and ultimately this world. Imagine what the collective influence of individuals engaged in this effort could be! I liken it to one huge “tuning fork;” changing Life’s reverberation and drawing a new set of energies to this Planet. ​

​And a word on “life’s experiences — ” as Nietzsche suggests: we are the sum total of them all, positive and negative. This affords us the luxury of never having our entire life be defined by any one point in it, so this post is dedicated to “finding your next . . .”