DOR Burning Strategy

Following our Token Burn Mechanism Explained article, we have received a lot of questions from our community regarding the timing of the upcoming token burn. The article explained why we would be burning 284M DORs, but the specific dates were not mentioned because the token burn will take part in phases.

  • The tokens will be burned in small batches at a time.
  • With each burn we expect the token price to increase significantly.
  • To prevent market & price speculation, each burn will take place at a random time and will not be announced beforehand.

We believe this token burning strategy is in the best interest of our token holders and will contribute to the rising price of DOR.

What about the tokens that are locked for 3 years?

Token allocation as outlined in Dorado’s whitepaper.

As a crucial gesture of transparency and long-term commitment, Dorado Team, Founders and the Foodout Group had put their tokens on a three year lock. This means that 26% of the tokens are locked for the three year period. The tokens that are locked cannot be moved from the wallet they are stored in, thus cannot be burned, until the lock period ends.