Leading Venture Capital Fund: ‘Dorado is positioned in a huge untapped market, and they will disrupt it.’

Goldfish Fund, the institutional investment fund behind Dorado, is a premier provider of funds and invests in early-stage start-ups with great products and teams striving to build world-class companies. We asked Tomas Martūnas, a managing partner at Goldfish Fund, a couple of questions on VC investing into an ICO.

Tomas Martūnas, Managing Partner @ Goldfishfund

What factors influenced your decision to invest in Dorado?

T.M. I can name three significant reasons why we invested. Firstly, unlike other ICOs, Dorado has a working, already profitable product and a clear vision to move forward. Secondly, a good team behind any project is vital. Dorado’s team is not only passionate about the product but also experienced having previously led $50 million companies. More so, they have locked their tokens for three years, which proves that they are motivated and here for the long-term.

How are you using your VC know-how to make sure Dorado succeeds?

T.M. We are using our vast network of investors, contacts in business development and partnerships that we accumulated throughout the long years of investing in successful start-ups. We are also overseeing the board and work with the founders to make Dorado into a billion-dollar company. By efficiently managing company’s resources, we ensure that not one penny is spent ineffectively, unlike how we see that so often in other ICOs.