Why AI Will Shape The Future of On-Demand Delivery

Dorado has a definite vision for the on-demand delivery industry.

The on-demand digital world is noticeably under the spotlight. Consumer expectations center around the desire for real-time delivery of goods and services. Sounds complicated? Probably no, until you think about a bunch of random factors which apparently impact the whole delivery system.
Companies now have substantially more insight into consumer behaviors and patterns. But is it possible to keep up with traffic, weather, time and consumer desires all at once? Sure, it is! All these variables can be incorporated. Although human brains can’t keep up with so much data coming in so quickly, artificial intelligence (AI) can.

AI and machine learning are likely to bridge the gap between traditional delivery and the growing desire for immediate delivery among consumers.
Imagine getting food in real time if there are no restaurants around. Challenging? Dorado has already identified and started tackling issues faced by the food industry. Autonomous AI-based drones are aimed at delivering food on-demand from any store or restaurant to any location, including places that are poorly serviced at the moment. Such innovation requires processed data.

On-demand marketplaces are all data-driven. David Saenz, the chief operating officer at Stuart, explains that AI allows to start predicting the unpredictable. Location, street layout, traffic patterns, weather forecast can all be examined with the help of AI to get a clear picture of the delivery route and possible obstacles.

AI and machine learning help to collect personalized information combined with external factors which are essential to deliver fast, avoid delays and delight consumers in real time. Personalized offers, consumer demand relevant service and location-based information set the stage for successful and innovative on-demand delivery.

AI-based robots, smart vehicles, digital warehouses, and drones are already making positive contributions to faster and more reliable delivery services and are expected to take off big time in the next few years. And Dorado is right at the forefront of where innovation and consumer demands meet.