Why DOR token is set to increase in value

One of the most frequently asked questions from our investors is ‘how can we be sure that the DOR token will increase in value?’. Well, Dorado team is confident that it will, and here are the reasons why:
1. Passionate, experienced and motivated team

Our team does not only believe in the long-term vision and success of Dorado but are also taking action to prove their commitment. We are locking our tokens for 3 years (crowd-sale tokens will not be locked). During this period we won’t be able to sell or buy DOR tokens, which means we will be highly motivated to work hard and build a long-lasting profitable business. Considering a profusion of an ICO pump & dump schemes, we believe locking our tokens is the right way to go.

2. Exchanges

At the moment, DOR is already guaranteed to be listed in one of the major top 15 exchange (and more to come). However, due to legal reasons, we can only announce the confirmed exchange list after the ICO is closed.

3. An already working MVP

Dorado is built upon an already successful business, which generated more than 4+ million orders and experienced a 6227% growth in the past 3 years. We can only go up from that, employing our accumulated know-how and the funds raised in the ICO.

4. Partnerships and acquisitions

We’re actively working to build partnerships and acquire major delivery players in different markets so we can start generating revenue from day one. You have probably already heard about our partnership with the major CEE/Northern European e-commerce player Pigu Group and Lympo.io, a health and wellness ecosystem. Next week, we will be announcing the news about our latest acquisition in Poland so watch this space — there are many exciting partnerships to come!

5. Backed up by VC investors

VC investors are known for their pickiness and long due diligence process. Some of Europe’s most well-known and trusted Venture Capital firms have invested in us: Goldfish Fund and Chernovetskyi Group. Our investors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is their record of handpicking successful companies. Having their support and knowledge on board ensures the successful development of our platform.

6. DOR is a visionaries’ token

7% of net sales will be paid out to DOR holders every quarter. Because the demand for DOR is driven by the growth of the platform, the bigger Dorado grows, the more token holders will benefit. This is a visionaries’ token meant for the long-term. The longer you can hold, the greater potential value distribution you will get.

Founders of Dorado explain their vision.