One Weird Trick to Lose Size
Ben Sandofsky

Hey I just wanted to chime in here so this doesn’t looks like an echo chamber. Here are a few things :

  • AutoLayout is “slow” when you had to cascade your layout change, especially on things like CollectionView or TableView. Of course since your app doesn’t touch on this you certainly don’t need this. However it is unreasonable to say that others shouldn’t use this.
  • While I do hear you that 3rd party libraries are bloating apps, but there are always up side to this. Either improve developer quality of life, prevent human errors or increasing productivity.These effects are even magnified when you are working in team.Over used 3rd party libraries are common, but sacrificing them for app size in many cases are not worth it.
  • Monolithic structure are the problem here, where old code are being afraid to removed or team management structure proven inefficient when it comes to code reuse.

But judging others with different goals and different priorities than yours just to prove your point seems pretentious.

I will certainly take home some of your efficient techniques like PNGCrush, but with start up culture where move fast break things are the norm, the culture seems to be the problem, not with the knowledge.