Shut up about diversity

A critical guide to weighing up your contribution to the diversity issue in technology and beyond

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Where are the women?

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a moral compass in your hair

Sticking points

The FT are committed to reaching gender parity in the senior leadership team by 2022.

In the TV series Mad Men, set in an ad agency in the late 1950s, Sterling Cooper’s staff fulfil the gender parity quota. Every man has a secretary. © AMC / Carin Baer

Quotas may be the only way of achieving, eventually, a world where quotas are obsolete.

Arguing for diversity

As someone outside of your company I don’t give a flying fuck if it needs me or people like me to be better itself.

When I say that I value diversity, what I really mean is that I value social equity and equal access, of which diversity is a key indicator.

Arguing for inclusion†

It’s an action — English Oxford Living Dictionaries
Consider this map of a decision-making network, generated randomly using the FT’s senior leadership diversity statistic of 36% female representation. Can you spot any problems?

Diversity is as much about composition as it is about interaction.

Pantone 448C has been voted the ugliest colour in the world. In the UK, it’s ubiquitous on cigarette packaging and supposed to act as a deterrent to smokers. The subconscious mind is very powerful.

So where does this leave you?

“What should I do?”


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