Wallet, Accounts and Addresses

It would sure be nice if you had customer support for someone who has very little tech experience or knowledge base. When a techie communicates you tend to leave out steps in any process, because you know it so well and assume other know your language as well as you do — -but that leads to chaos for people not familiar with your language nuances and content — like slang — -no one that is not been around that kind of talk for a long time understands. Someone at your place might do well to take a class in learning theory. For example, when someone first starts to learn a language — it sounds like gibberish. Then one begins to recognized a word or two-but using that word correctly — takes a long time and patience on the part of the teacher.Then when a person learns the language well, the process — or, say the whole sentence or just a phrase drops into the unconscious and you forget large junks of information critical for teaching someone else. Another example, there are great chefs who can really cook but teaching someone else is much more difficult because most of what the cook does is dropped into the subconscious — they just DO IT-they don’t think about it…and it is frustrating for a good cook to try to teach someone else-they tend to think everyone else is an idiot. They, too, do not realize that in baking a cake (or in anything computer related) if you leave out a step — your results are mush-not cake. I bought a Trezor over a month ago and still cannot figure out how to get it started — the instructions make no sense to a newbie because there are so many steps left out and no one to communicate with verbally to work it out-for example, where i am stuck now-is on creating PINS-i emailed for help-got a response a week later that said only “oh yes, PINS can be tricky”…that was it — an insult and no help — then they said watch a video-like i watched the video — 20 times-there was things missing or not explained and no chance to ask a question. Well, if you went to school and never had a chance to ask questions, HOW MUCH WOULD YOU KNOW???? Oh, sorry, I just found out capitalizing is yelling in techie world — -well, that used to mean emotional emphasis — not yelling in the ENGLISH language….oh, dear, there i go again, just like Ronald Reagan.

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