As a white privileged South African who grew up during Apartheid I too had the US anti-communist media mixed with a strong racial propaganda machine and I’d like to think I too have grown up to love the diversity of colour, creed and food around us. I worry too when quotas are in place. They serve a noble cause but are they the right thing to do? In South African sport I wonder if ANC quota pressure devalues the sport and ultimately means less and less people will want to participate. Thus undoing the actual ultimate aim of creating a racially blind team built on meritocracy and a fundamental principle of equal opportunity. I don’t have the answers but I am so very grateful to my parents for bringing me up to be open to people from whatever walk of life. One can never tell what their story is or what their gift to the world might be. God knows I don’t like to be judged and I’m no God!

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