Does it? Because I thought it rested on emails from Donald Trump Jr.
Amber Lisa

Amber, The so-called damaging information that this Kremlin Agent (Um, all government lawyers are out to get Hillary and are Kremlin agents?) had is the basis of what people are tearing their hair out with joy that this is finally the smoking gun. Yet if you read the NYT article, at least from yesterday, buried near the end where they know most people don’t read (if they actually read anything more than headlines) that this buffoon of a journalist had secured this information after it had passed through “several people.” I see a problem with this as mentioned in my comment. As far as your other points, the emails suggest something without any actual proof (just as Bill — while his wife was under criminal investigation — and Loretta — the AG — met on the tarmac and talked about their grandchildren last summer, remember?) until there is actual evidence of any misdoing, people’s chains will be yanked by this much too long of an HBO series, and I hope (but don’t really have enough faith in government) that if DT goes down it will be for a serious crime and not b/c the corporate and government elite find him and his clown car embarrassing and will do anything to get rid of him aka a coup as occur in non-democratic countries. Hillary has done more damage dumbing down public discourse in this country than Trump has with his idiotic tweets by getting her corporate media and campaign trolls to run this narrative into the ground (for proof watch Robby Mook’s accusations of the Hand of the Kremlin being responsible for the Wikileak dump last summer).

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