Trump’s Executive Order to ban “diversity training” and Critical Race Theory shows why racism is our country’s national anthem

Every day I am reminded that racism has always been this country’s national anthem. Yes, we hear buzzwords like be an “#ally” or “#anti-racist”, but true progress will require more than just hashtags and slogans. A Monmouth poll in 2020 indicated that 67% of Americans believe racial discrimination is a…

It’s finally time people address the elephant in the room

Almost everyone in the U.S. has come in contact with money. From pennies to quarters and dollar bills money gives and limits access to opportunities.

On January 25, 2021, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced the Biden administration is seeking to hurry up the process of putting Harriet Tubman…

Racial “tropes” used to describe women of color can produce irreparable harm to how women of color perceive of themselves and in their self-esteem

How a person sees someone’s identity can greatly impact how they will be treated in society. Women of color often have to contest the challenges of racial and gender discrimination in ways that their racial counterparts do not. Racial “tropes” or figures of speech that society uses to describe women…

You can’t protect and disregard women’s bodies at the same time — love our beauty and humanity

Megan Thee Stallion’s performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) sparked a fire that’s been burning a long time. Megan Thee Stallion whose government name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete is a 25-year old rapper from Houston, Texas. During the 46th session premiere of SNL and her musical debut on the…

Dorothy Hines, Ph. D.

An educator, award-winning writer, and writer architect. I write about race, culture, Black women, and being a minimalist. I live life to the fullest.

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