For A Better Me

A short wakeup list of the things about me that needs change for the better.

The Mute

Hey you! There are so many times in your life where you could have turned a stranger into a friend. How hard is it for you to say something like a little “hello” and “hi”. What is it that you can’t utter even just a word and then regret it later on. I know you’re waiting for the right time and whatsoever but there’s no right time or moment for stuff like that. Perhaps that’s the primary reason why you’re single?

Deactivate Safe Mode

Why are you in a constant check of your status? Why are you so afraid of what people might think about you? Take for example liking a friend of a friend and you should have probably get her number from that friend, right? But why can’t you just talk to your friend about that? Why are you so afraid of what they might say and others? Oh come on, don’t give me this bs. You need to get rid of this. F*ck yeah or f*ck no!

Work On Your Dreams

I know you. You got a lot of things going on your head. You want to create this and that and be awesome about what you create. And while on that idea of yours, you stop. Why? Because you might think that this idea gets to nowhere. Oh come on, and that’s get you doing nothing in the end. Oh for Christ’s sake, wake up! Not all great things created in an instant. There were petty works that get unnoticed as they see. We just have to keep at it. Please remember that.

You’ve been dreaming of starting something on your own and live on your own having enough finances for yourself and your family but how the hell can you that? You’ve been just slacking. If you can’t get your head around something, you divert your attention and start something else and little did you know that your day has ended and have accomplished nothing. Hell! Please change that!

Learn To Be More Patient

There are some things that you don’t have control such as a slow capped internet that reaches only 1mbps. And if someone is streaming video, crap your internet barely works and hell yeah, you can’t do anything. Mind you, you could do something else but you just choose to ruin your day and say you’re done because you can’t do anything. Want me to site the things you could have done, look below:

  1. You could have cleaned your room.
  2. You could also go the gym and relax by swimming — I bet you’ve been wanting to do that but hell yeah, you don’t do it.
  3. Your pending tasks and a lot more.

What’s wrong? You’ve been slacking a lot!!! Please change…

Nothing Is Going To Be Easy

For all these things, it wouldn’t be easy. But please please change bit by bit and improve. We don’t want to strive for perfection but we want to change our lives. We may have different outlooks on how we’re going to live our lives but if this is how you want it to be, then work on it. Don’t believe in that crap on what others say that you’ve done a pretty good job already when you know inside you that you haven’t there yet. If this is what you always wanted, then get your ass off and start working on it. Got that? Always remember that above.

PS: If there’s one thing I am proud you’re doing right now. It’s the fact that you’re working on your fitness. I see that you want to play on a basketball league soon and be good at it. Please continue that and work your way there. If that’s all that matters then I believe you’ll be happy with what you’ve chosen.