Anonymously Accurate

Abused into a state of mind,

that controls poised high.

Painted like a muse to hide us away,

from the news of all evil.

However that evil is an inch under our nose,

waiting calmly with a lit fuse,

to keep anyone from noticing the damage it could do,

It only takes the right signal the signify a boom,

but that knowledge is for the few that we trusted,

but those few that not only don’t trust us enough to warn us,

but never even wanted us to know.

So they keep hush hush while making decisions on the low,

where freedom of speech was never really intended.

We the people are a show,

with ligaments attached to puppet strings,

that they start to control by giving us names.

They are not anonymous,

in fact we know exactly who they are,

because at one point,

they were one of us.

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