Glass Prison

Imagine this.

You’re locked in a dark cage with no room to move. After about 7 long hours you are let out into a slightly bigger cage. The sunlight blinds you and people are yelling from every direction. Your stomach is growling but they won’t feed you, you wonder why as someone bumps into you on purpose. People are everywhere all staring at you. Suddenly you start to feel angry for no reason. Then you lash out. Marine life that has been born or brought into captivity should be let free or not taken from their natural home and lives to begin with in order to avoid aggression, depression and abnormal behavior.

Whales and Dolphins are use to swimming great distances, as much as 100 miles per day, and hunting for food with their pods and families is a natural everyday behavior for them. When Marine life is brought from their natural lives and everything they have ever known into captivity they are stripped from space, there parents, siblings and everything that meant something to them. Then they are locked in concrete pools where there is little to no room to swim. Marine life that has been born into captivity usually die prematurely and don’t get to experience their natural lives at all which is completely unfair and sickening. They they might even die thinking that being locked in a small pool and performing in front of frightening crowds and often denied food is there way of life. Dieing at a young age also means that they never get to experience their natural life in the ocean where there is miles to swim and food to catch. Dolphins and Whales are forced to perform silly tricks in front of frightening, loud and huge crowds. They are often denied food and are mixed with different pods of whales, that’s like being mixed with different people of different races and cultures who speak different languages or don’t get along at all. The whales tend to gang up on each other leaving marks and gashes on the Marine life daily. Whales lose an average of 60–70 years of their life when they are in captivity. We are killing these animals and they deserve to be set free.

“When held in captivity for long periods of time Marine life shows signs of depression and abnormal behaviors such as floating lifelessly, chewing on the sides of the pool, dying at a young age and aggression toward other whales and trainers that is extremely dangerous.”( There has been incidents where Whales have pulled their trainers under and held them at the bottom of the pool until they drowned, keeping hold on an arm or leg and dragging them around, landing on top of them. Dolphins biting childrens arms or legs. All that is due to stress. Marine life can not cope with being locked up for such long periods of time.

Torn from their rightful home, kept against their will, and forced to work for SeaWorld’s profit, wild caught orcas are the very definition of slaves. Marine life are treated unfairly and are forced to perform tricks in front of frightening crowds so Seaworld can earn money and if they do bad they are denied food and who knows what else. Orcas are considered “non human persons” and they should have there own rights that if people break it would be considered breaking the law. Marine life like many other animals can’t speak for themselves they depend on us to do so therefore it is our job to stand up for them. Animals depend on humans to live and some use that against them or ignore them. “Resulting in one dolphin getting thrown onto the concrete walkway below. The dolphin was bleeding and helpless as guests looked on” ( “The whale struggled on the shallow platform for 20 to 25 minutes before two trainers came and pushed him back into the water.”(

People go to these shows to learn and experience marine life in person and for entertainment but is seeing a trainer or child get bit, drowned or hurt learning? Is that entertainment? Those kind of things could scar kids. Most people go to these shows only because it’s fun and optional. If people really wanted to see these whales they should only see them at there best, where they are healthy happy and in their natural habitats with their families. They shouldn’t have to be false advertised at how calm and happy the ones at seaworld are even though they are locked in tanks. Lots of people don’t know the true story about these whales and they don’t know what paying for their tickets is doing the the Marine Life at Sea World. Trainers at SeaWorld have died, been bitten, been pulled under, drowned, dragged, crushed by a whale and many more yet people still go. Why would people go if they knew this and what they did to the whales and marine life. Again lots of people are not properly informed of the actions and incidents at Sea World. Someone who really wants to see a whale or dolphin should go to their home not drag them from it into a foreign,new, and scary world.

Marine life brought or born into captivity are just damaged goods. Whales are becoming depressed, showing abnormal behaviors and aggression as well as dying at a young age yet in the wild they are so friendly and social. Marine life should be slowly introduced back onto the ocean. Marine life should never be taken from their natural habitats and suffer just for our entertainment and Sea Worlds profit. They should be able to enjoy their long life with their families and have kids and just be free.”The case sought the release of all 5 orcas to a more appropriate environment such as a coastal sanctuary. Protected sea pens would allow orcas greater freedom of movement as well as the opportunity to see,sense, and communicate with their wild cousins and other ocean animals; to feel the tides and waves; and to engage in the behaviors they have long been denied. Eventually, they could be released into the ocean to be reunited with their pods.”(

There is still hope for them.

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