Pollution, many people imagine wrappers and old Styrofoam cups speckled along the highway. Or smoke stacks with black clouds reaching out to the sky and shading the sun. However pollution comes in many forms we do not even consider. Such as soil, air, light, water, and sound pollution. Pollution contaminants everything around us affecting not only our health but every living organism’s health as well. With the new age of modernization and the strive for non-renewable energy sources, pollution has reached a whole new peak and is rising everyday

Pollution may affect Earth in ways we may not even realize. Noise pollution can affect whales communication. Soil pollution can affect the infertility of crops. Smog from air pollution can keep sunlight from reaching the ground thus stopping photosynthesis.

An after all that nothing is being done. It affects all life on earth. Pollution is killing off species of animals to extinction. It also has a huge impact on the health of mankind. Pollution can cause asthma, respiratory problems and lung cancer in people who are prone to being around air pollution and other pollutants continuously. Big cities are hung in a layers of smog from factories cars and shops. Smog that is slowly depleting the ozone layer and increasing global warming.

With the age of new modernization and the strive for non-renewable resources pollution has reached a whole new peak and is rising everyday. We use non-renewable resources because they are cheap and are not hard to obtain. However, the simple process of obtaining these resources directly pollutes the earth. Modernization has given way from non biodegradable goods, factories, machines and people who no longer seem to care.

Pollution is rising to a whole new peak, it is affecting not only us but our crops, the animals, the ozone layer and even the climate. We are destroying our home, we are destroying earth! We can not simply throw it away when it no longer works! Neither can we buy another! If this planet goes down it is going to take us with it and in the end doomsday will be cause by no other than man himself. Something has to be done before it is too late.

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