How misplaced branding can ruin you no matter how big you are

The story of Manchester United, the Glazers and Bruno Fernandes.

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So what’s the deal with Manchester United since 2013.?

The Bruno Fernandes effect

When Manchester United signed Bruno Fernandes, there came a glimpse of what the club was like during their silverware laden years and how we all feel about it.

Credit: Bruno Fernandes Instagram

What does that have to do with the current Manchester United team in the post Sir Alex Ferguson era?

It’s the direct OPPOSITE of what we have been seeing.

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This is Manchester United

I only hope that his arrival signals a turning point for the players and that his character doesn’t fall under the unscrupulous machine that the current ownership and management are.

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How branding works elsewhere

You can see clubs like Inter Miami F.C. now owned by the ex Red David Beckham teaming up with partners to create a world-wide brand for themselves that includes great football and great promotion.

Tiger Woods after winning the 2019. Masters after 10 years. Img source:

Branding vs. Winning

You can’t tell people what you are, you can only show them.

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