Evan (Snapchat) on the left. Kevin (Instagram) on the right.

Kevin Systrom is the CEO of Instagram. Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat.

After buying Instagram for $1 Billion, Facebook tried to buy Snapchat.

But Evan rejected a $3 Billion takeover bid from FB & $4 Billion from Google. He was just 23 years old… I mean Billions. With a B.
Could be richer than Queen B right now.. :D

Anyway, 3 weeks ago, Instagram launched “Insta stories”.
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Fb, posted :

“Let us know what you think about stories!”

Hahaha, This is ironic. 
Anyone knows it’s a copycat of Snapchat.

Whatever, they did it. 
And this is not surprising.

In France we always think this is so bad to copy..

Don’t be first, be the best

Forget this myth. You don’t have to be the first.

Actually, entrepreneurship is not about being the first or having the idea. 
It’s about being the best at something.
You get at this point when you reach an insane level of execution.
Nothing else matters.

And Facebook knows how to be the best. 
They are not shy to copy what is good !

Here are few examples:

They launched Facebook live after Periscope success.
They started as a social network after : Friendster, Myspace..
Write a comment if you still have a MySpace account :D 
Haha, Fb just killed the game !

Periscope — Broadcast Video Live

In France, we’re shocked by people who copy.
Because we glorify so much ideas. And that’s not french people fault.
Stories about entrepreneurship you can read on newspapers always looks like that:

“All started with a brilliant idea. The idea was so good, it could not fail..”#BULLSHIT

It does not exist an idea which could not fail. IT DOES NOT.

Entrepreneurship is about a lot of things. It’s about having the right team. It’s about resolving problems. It’s about energy. It’s about execution.

But it’s not about ideas..

Time for us to open our eyes !
In Silicon Valley, everyone knows.
Ideas are nothing.

“Don’t tell me what you want to do. Show me what you did.”

Apple has a whole department working everyday to copy what is good in Tech World to make it great.

And Apple is actually just a better Linux.
Maybe not better for some Nerds.
But at least, Apple can sell at a level of scale nobody did !

Insta stories

Back to Insta stories,
It is really well executed.
The story feature is awesome.
You already have your community/followers.

2 things are missing :

  • Lenses/filters : People love filters to look like pretty butterflies :)
  • Video message : Sometimes, it’s fun to send videos just to a few friends when you don’t want to put it in your story.

    Don’t doubt it.

Insta is going to add those features in the next few months.

As you maybe already know :

Facebook bought MSQRD few months ago.

Description of MSQRD : Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies.

Stories are awesome cause it allows you to share content which is not enough good to put in a permanent gallery.

But enough good to share it for 24 hours.

Content which is not enough good to put in a permanent galery. But enough good to share in my story.

I have so much respect for entrepreneurs like Evan Spiegel.
He’s such a great visionnaire.
When the dumb Forbes reporter asked him why he did not sell to Facebook or Google.

Evan answered:

“There are very few people in the world who get to build a business like Snapchat. I’m one of them.”

So true. Money can’t buy dreams.

Now he’s in war.
Against some of the most powerful&rich people on earth.

Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

The Next Episode. Also happening in California :)

Evan VS Kevin (Mark’s Team) 
Who’s going to win ?

Let me know what you think ;)

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