Why you can’t live life like the people on Medium are telling you to.
Thilo Konzok

I was having a similar thought this morning and wondered what it would be like to try and follow all the advice I read. Then I realised that was exactly what I’d been trying to do for the last X years.

I like your point about hindsight, and wonder how much the pattern of behaviour in success stories is created by the success rather than being a contributing factor to it. Sucess stories need to wake up at 4am because they have so much to (unless they’re Tim Ferris).

I think a multitude of advice is particularly a problem if you don’t have a very specific goal in mind (I don’t), as it makes it much harder to evaluate different success stories. In my case I find it also leads to some strange kind of personality paralysis, where I find myself asking “what would would X,Y or Z do?”, and trying to get all the sets to overlap in the Venn diagram of successful people vs me.

Without the given goal, I like the idea of being more me (and less them) and seeing where it gets me. What could be more fun?