“Don’t be evil” or how the Big 4 extending a hand to governments and regulators goes far beyond respecting Google’s motto.

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In 2018, Google removed the motto “Don’t be evil” from the preface of its corporate code of conduct

On March 30th, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg published in The Washington Post a tribune on the very topic of regulating Internet, praising governments to address the challenge.

Following the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ investigation led by the powerful Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Facebook was indeed threatened by a multi-billion fine at the time this tribune was published. Thus it is not surprising that Zuckerberg speaks about regulating “Internet” instead of focusing on regulating “Facebook”.

Indeed, while his speech is an assumed call for help, Zuckerberg bringing the topic to a broader level shows his very clear…


Dorian Perron

Co-founder of Music Startup @Groover (Techstars Paris ‘18) — Chief editor @Indeflagration

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